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In House Laboratory:

Kings Veterinary Hospital has the latest in laboratory equipment which allows us to run bloodwork, urinalysis, and many other tests in our lab.   This ability helps us to keep costs down, diagnose faster and treat immediately.   If there is testing that cannot be done in our lab, we courier any samples to a laboratory that can run the testing.



services_xray.jpgX-rays can show us what we can’t see on physical exam; the inside of the body.   Radiographs are used to diagnose broken bones, orthopedic issues, heart disease, some cancers, asthma, bladder stones, obstructions, and assess organ size.



services_ultrasound.jpgUltrasound technology goes a step beyond x-rays using the technology of sound to create an image of internal organs.   Sound waves (echos) are used to show us a picture of the internal organs as they move so we can watch how your cat’s heart is pumping or how your dog’s intestines are moving.  We can measure the size of not only organs, but arteries and glands.   Ultrasound technology is amazing at diagnosing things that would otherwise be based on symptoms alone.   Dr Goodman has a huge interest in ultrasound technology.  She has taken courses in basic and advanced abdominal ultrasound and basic cardiac ultrasound.   She routinely uses the ultrasound as a diagnostic tool and loves its’ capabilities.   Drs. Buss and Kivircik are in the process of becoming certified in ultrasonography as well.


services_otoscopy.jpgAmong our arsenal of advanced diagnostics are two items that give us even more perspective on our patient's body.   We use a Medrx videoscope for endoscopy and otoscopy.  The endoscope is used to look at the GI tract from the inside.   A small camera is inserted into the GI tract and can show us areas of inflammation, swelling, lesions, polyps, obstructions, and more.  We can also take biopsy samples from the inside of the intestinal tract and stomach to diagnose some forms of disease.  For pets suffering with chronic vomiting and chronic diarrhea, the endoscope can often reveal a cause, leading to successful treatment.   The otoscope can show us a video inside of the ear canal to help diagnose things such as ruptured ear drums, inner ear infections, and to aid in advanced cleaning procedures for chronic ear infections.

Glaucoma Screening:

Each year when we get our eyes checked, the eye doctor does a glaucoma screening.  It is the machine that puffs air into your eyes.   This is an important test as it determines the intraocular eye pressure, which indicates signs of glaucoma.   Glaucoma is a painful disease causing chronic pain and vision loss.   Eventually, if left untreated, glaucoma can lead to the necessary removal of the affected eye.   Many breeds of dogs and some cats are more predisposed to developing glaucoma, so we recommend screening those breeds annually with our Tonopen.  This device is used to measure the intraocular pressure of cats and dogs.   Additionally, geriatric patients are more prone to develop glaucoma so we will let you know when it time to start checking your senior pet’s eyes.

Cancer Treatment:

In addition to being able to diagnose many forms of cancer, we are also able to treat them as well. As preventive care improves, pet’s live longer, and we see more cases of cancer. There are several methods of treatment including but not limited to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. We work closely with a local oncologist to offer you the most and best options available to your best friend.

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Could not have asked for a better outcome. My dog has had chronic bad breath for years. After taking her to several other vets and getting nowhere after operations, these guys have fixed her right up! Affordable and were quick to get my dog in and taken care of. If there were more than 5 stars they would certainly be getting them!

Mark C.
Loveland, OH

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